Currently your Perspective Alert Service user details are stored independently to the main application site. These are likely to be merged later in 2022 but for the time being, registration on each application site is separate and changes to one are not typically reflected in the other. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, particularly if you tell us about a change of name or email and it is only changed in one place.

Perspective Alert Service - Subscribe

Articles from the Perspective news service can be emailed directly to users. The emails can be sent once, twice or three times a day or as-and-when the stories are written. Users may also choose to receive all news or just articles on topics of particular interest.

Additions to the New And Recently Amended Documents list can be emailed directly to users either daily or weekly.

Enter your email address below to subscribe to the Perspective Alert Service service or to edit your existing preferences.

IMPORTANT: You should ensure both your email software and/or your organization's email servers accept the confirmation email and the subsequent alerts on an on-going basis, without classifying them as spam or disposing of them. Please add the following email addresses to your 'whitelist' and/or ask your email administrator to do so:

If you do not receive your confirmation email within the next few minutes, or, if after confirming your subscription you do not receive the alert emails by the end of the next working day, or if you unexpectedly stop receiving alert emails, please check your spam, blacklist and whitelist settings for the missing messages.

The Perspective Alert Service is copyright and Pendragon reserves all its rights in relation to the contents of the service. In particular, but not exclusively, alerts and or parts of them may not be forwarded, copied or distributed without the consent of Pendragon.